If You Didn’t Go To Essence Fest, Here’s 8 Reasons To Visit New Orleans


Folks from all over travel to Essence Festival, the big festival in the Big Easy, to see R&B and rap’s biggest talents perform their biggest hits. But even if Essence Fest isn’t your scene, one reason to hit up New Orleans is the city itself.

Packed with culture, mysticism, good people and better food, Nawlins fills you with good times and real life LOLs. From the city’s infamous Bourbon Street to the French Quarters to the artistic hub of Frenchmen Street, it’s easy to see why Solange left her Brooklyn ‘hood for NOLA.

VIBE’s editor Shenequa Golding traveled down to New Orleans for the first time. Here’s her unfiltered take on the Big Easy:

NOLA Has An Abundance Of Nice Doors

I’ve never been to a city that has so many beautiful doors. Yes, I know, doors usually don’t get a lot of love because all they do is open and close, but the doors in New Orleans were detailed and colorful. I saw red doors, teal doors and yellow doors. They had personality, presence, character and charm. Go to NOLA and you’ll get an abundance of likes on the ‘Gram simply from taking photos of doors.