Watch Out Doug E. Fresh: Father And Daughter Duo Showcase Epic Beatboxing Skills

There’s a list of dynamic father-daughter duos dominating their field of entertainment, from Will and Willow Smith to Lenny and Zoe Kravitz. But Nicole Paris and her dad are gunning for the crown.

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The pair have mastered the art of beat boxing that even Doug E. Fresh would envy. Paris, who posts her otherworldly productions on YouTube, recently dropped another visual alongside her father in a mind-boggling showcase. Upon watching the sound display, you’ll probably ask yourself questions like, “How does she make all those sounds without taking a breath?” Or, “How does her father hit those bass notes that would make any fiend of that booming sound go crazy?”

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Just watch for yourself here:

Bahahahahahahahaha we playyyyy toooo much. "BLOOPERS I GUESS" LOL FROM LAST NIGHT SURPRISE EVERYONE

Posted by Nicole Paris on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mentor and Apprentice

Posted by Nicole Paris on Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Paris also has an eye-opening background story that she posted to her YouTube account so viewers can get more familiar with her style:

At 13, she revealed her musical prowess at a school talent show:

From there, she’s appeared on FOX 2 News St. Louis and in local competitions:

Paris also has a knack for constructing her own soundscapes:

At this rate, Nicole Paris’ beatboxing might take her to new heights, or even land her in the studio with a famed producer.