For Some Reason, Floyd Mayweather Felt Compelled To Pen An Apology Letter


Money May has reentered the social ring, and this time it’s with a sincere Instagram apology for his fans.

Penned under a “Read the Caption” photo, a huge downward-pointing arrow points at Floyd Mayweather’s brief acknowledgement of gratitude for his luxury lifestyle and a shamefaced message to his fans that have been “subjected to nonsense and childish behavior.” Without any name-drops, media drama or even the slightest idea of what guilt sat on the undefeated lightweight, fans sprinkled their own ideas through the comments section of where the apology stemmed from.

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“At this level, I understand the acts of company I keep is often a reflection of me and I take responsibility to make sure those type of antics are not tolerated or rewarded,” Money May wrote.

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With speculations of the letter still in the air, we just hope the apology isn’t a foreboding of any other negative Mayweather news to come.

Photo Credit: Instagram