Future Hires A Pair of Sexy Ladies To Do His Dirty Work In New “Real Sisters” Video

For his latest video “Real Sisters” Future decides not to take the predictable route and hire muscle to help him pull off a heist. Instead, the Atlanta MC enlists the help of two sexy ladies to act as his henchmen.

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In the Spike Jordan directed clip, Future takes a drive out to the sticks where he’s seen doing business with what we can only imagine are some unsavory business men. As he talks shop over a game of cards, his sexy accomplices distract the gentlemen with a little girl-on-girl action.

As the women begin touchin’ rubbin and squeezin’ the ladies whip out a blind fold and then a pair of guns all before running off with the cash. It’s truly the perfect set up.

The Zaytoven produced single comes from Future’s January mixtape Beast Mode.

Peep the video below.