9 Signs You’re An Honest Member Of The #FutureHive


Every notable music icon leads a tribe. Nicki Minaj has her Barbz, Rihanna goes hard for her Navy, and Beyoncé carries the BeyHive.

Now, Twitter users are flocking to a new trailblazer, one that has F’d up his fair share of commas and birthed many a trap soundtrack. Behold, Future’s #FutureHive.

With his knack for making humanly vices (sex, money, drugs) sounds so, so good, the rapper born Nayvadius Wilburn has earned a following that just won’t let up. Memes included.

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With the recent release his Like I Never Left documentary and forthcoming LP, Dirty Sprite 2 (hitting the Internet and iTunes at midnight tonight), Fewtch is buzzing in these e-streets.

VIBE recently infiltrated timelines to evaluate the symptoms of becoming a #FutureHive member. See if you fit the criteria above.—Richy Rosario

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