Ghostface Killah Rips Action Bronson A New One: “I Gave You A Grace Period”

Action Bronson landed in some hot water with Ghostface Killah. In response to his comments about Tony Starks during his appearance on ESPN’s Sportsnation where Bronson said, “[Ghost] is not rapping like this no more.” Now, GFK aired him out all over the Internet in a six-minute video.

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“I gave you a grace period, n***a. I’m supposed to have destroyed you a long ago,” he said. “You could never f*ck with my pen ni**a. My sword, my blade, whatever you wanna call it, I’m too nasty for you. This is why the f*ck you look up to me and sound like me. When I told y’all n*ggas back on the Cuban Linx sh*t. I don’t want nobody sounding like me on no album.”

Ghostface originally made this very clear to all MCs back in 1995 on Raekwon’s classic Only Bulit For Cuban Linx album on the skit, “Shark N***s.”

After hearing of the above clip, Bronson took to his Twitter account to issue an apology:

Do you think Ghost has as right to feel some kind of way?