Ghostface Killah Doesn’t Care About Action Bronson’s Apology


It looks like the drama between Action Bronson and Ghostface Killah won’t be put to bed so easily. Even with Bronson apologizing on Twitter, Ghost doesn’t accept the peace treaty.

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Ghostface was all over the rap websites after going after Action Bronson for his comments about him on ESPN’s Sportsnation. Hungry fans were also eager to see if Big Ghost would send more venom at the Queens rapper. The Wu-Tang rapper performed both at Mass Appeal’s rooftop party and at Irving Plaza but didn’t say a word about BamBam. But Revolt TV was able to get in one question about Bronson’s apology.

Watch his answer in this straight-to-the-point video clip.

Ghostface Killah Goes Off On Action Bronson: “You Done F*cked Up”