Flawless: How Gina Rodriguez Is Redefining Sexy

How does Golden Globe Award-winning actress Gina Rodriguez define sexy? Let’s just say it has nothing to do with waist-training or contouring 101.

In her latest sit-down with The Wrap, Jane the Virgin’s leading starlet delved into the politics of Hollywood, explaining in the process how she found her sexy through inner strength and self-love.

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Her definition of beauty is as deep as it is invaluable and deserves to be further emphasized, if only to highlight such gems of wisdom. Here’s how Gina is helping redefine what it means to be a sexy woman on and off the screen…

She Is Unique:
“I was able to accept my uniqueness and take it as something that was mine and that was powerful and that was strong in order to navigate through this industry, which can be very scary.”

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She Defies Standards:
“I know what my sexiness is and that looks different than maybe what we’re used to.”

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She Knows Her Worth:
“My sexiness lies in my strength and my power and my ability to see the beauty that I have.”

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She’s Comfortable In Her Skin:
“Not [the beauty] I would have if I just lost this much weight, not the idea of it, but of me, right now, today.”

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