Glory Johnson Seeks $20K A Month In Spousal Support From Brittney Griner

Despite their short term marriage, WNBA player Glory Johnson is seeking $20,000 a month in temporary spousal support and $10,000 in attorney fees from her ex, Brittney Griner.

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ESPN reports Johnson, 24, filed court documents in late June in Maricopa County, Arizona. Johnson’s lawyer Stasy Click wrote in the filing “Griner has far superior control over the family’s financial resources” and Johnson is “without the necessary financial means to pay for legal representation in this matter.”

An evidentiary hearing  has been scheduled for Aug. 17 for both parties to present their petitions.

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On May 8, the former basketball power couple said “I do” in a lavish wedding, just weeks after a domestic violence dispute. Then, a month later Griner, filed an annulment. In an emotional interview, Griner, 24, referred to her nuptials with Johnson as a mistake and said she was pressured to go through with the wedding.