Hennessy Teams Up With Ryan McGinness For New Artist Collaboration

Hennessy is back with another amazing artist collaboration. This year, Ryan McGinness was chosen to put his signature touch on the classic cognac bottle. The historic brand’s lifelong dedication to the Art of Blending, along with Ryan’s own interpretations of elements, compounds and mixtures made for one unique creation.

“The process of building my universe is analogous to the way Hennessy builds its own. There are definitely striking parallels in our respective approach, as it materializes in either cognac for Hennessy or art for myself,” describes McGinness about the collaboration.

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McGinness is known throughout the world for his drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints, books, products, and installations. He currently calls New York home and draws inspiration from the Big City’s ever-changing atmosphere. Known for incorporating public signage, corporate logos, and contemporary symbology into his work, McGinness is also known as “a leading pioneer of the new semiotics” and has been labeled an “an art star” by publications such as The New York Times, Black Book and Vogue in the past.

“For Hennessy, the elements are the grapes, the compounds are the eaux-de-vie, and the mixtures are the blends that constitute the cognac,” adds the artist.

Starting July 16, the bottles will be available for online purchase here. You can also cop a bottle in select retailers nationwide in early August.