That One Time Iggy Azalea Blocked Jackée Harry On Twitter

If you follow actress Jackée Harry on Twitter, then you know she is not a fan of Iggy Azalea.

Things between Harry and the Aussie rapper came to a head on Monday (July 14) when Iggy held a chat with her fans, affectionately called “Azaleans,” and Harry dropped her two cents. Grand Hustle’s First Lady wrote to one user, “its really hard to see whos a fan of celebrity and whos a fan of me,” to which Harry replied with “is it that hard sis? I assumed you could count them singlehandedly.” The tweet was later deleted, but one user retweeted the subtle shot:

Harry’s quip made its way onto Iggy’s radar, and she clapped back with a reply, before proceeding to block the actress. This led to a brief exchange between the two:

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The actress Sister,Sister fame has been quite outspoken about her disdain for Iggy, putting her 140 characters to shady use against the rapper on several occasions. Peep a few highlights below: