James Fauntleroy’s “Broken Heart Broken Eyes” Will Help Cure Love Sickness

James Fauntleroy makes music for insomniacs, hopeless romantics or a combination of the two. The Cocaine ’80s singer took to his trusty SoundCloud on Tuesday night (July 7) and uploaded a brand new tune titled “Broken Heart, Broken Eyes” featuring Larrance Dopson on the keys and Rose Gold on background vocals.

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Warbling synths and Dopson’s piano melody are what plop the record into your late night playlist as Fauntleroy goes deep about being with his significant other one moment (“Trying to figure out if I could kiss you now, could miss you now,” he sings) then completely refusing the idea of their relationship the next (“Don’t even show me your heart”).

If you’ve been in that purgatory, “Broken Heart, Broken Eyes,” is for you. Sing your sorrows with Fauntleroy here.