Joell Ortiz And !llMind’s Pictorial Countdown To ‘Human’ Evokes An Important Message

No matter who you are, what international stature you acquire, how rich or affluent you become, in what home you rest your head, no matter how privileged or disadvantaged, if you’re black or white, man or woman, the single most important thing that indisputably ties us all is the fact that we’re mortal. Subject to death. human.

It’s easy to forget in a climate where queers are ostracized, where the poor are inferior, where black and brown bodies are expendable. There’s nothing like a reminder of just how small we are standing next the sea to keep us grounded. Joell Ortiz and !llmind’s pictorial countdown to their highly anticipated joint effort, human., brilliantly captures how, no matter how different we may be, none of us are mutually exclusive.

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“At the end of the day, we are all human beings, existing on this tiny blue planet called Earth,” the two comrades told VIBE Viva. “It’s unfortunate that racism is still very much a part of current human nature. Regardless of skin color, we can only hope that one day, as a unified species, we realize that we’re all one in the same.”

The collection (above) includes world famous stars like John Lennon and The Beatles on Abbey Road to a group of young, black dapper dons flexing on a street corner. Take a gander at some of the most stunning images used in the human. promo, and feel free to join in on the movement by submitting your own photo at

human. descends July 17.

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Photo credit: Instagram