Say Hello To Nostalgia: Kel Mitchell Is Coming Back To Nickelodeon

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Raise your hand if you remember this phrase: “Aww, here it goes!” Popular 90s star Kel Mitchell has officially announced his comeback to Nickelodeon television in a new comedy show, Game Shakers.

In the sitcom—which premieres on Nickelodeon in September—two seventh-graders create a company for gaming apps and ask Mitchell’s character, rap superstar Double G, to partner“Moms and dads quote my characters from the 90’s and their kids are quoting my current characters on Nickelodeon,” Mitchell told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m ready to shake up the game again.”

Most 80s and 90s babies remember Mitchell as a regular on sketch comedy show, All That. His comedic talent caught the attention of creator Dan Schneider, who involved Mitchell in his future work. He formed an iconic duo with fellow All That cast member Kenan Thompson and together went on to star in Good Burger, Kenan & Kel and Two Heads are Better Than None. He became known as a devout lover of orange soda, an unofficial family member of the Rockmores, and a welcoming face at a burger joint. He won the CableACE Award for best actor in a comedy series in 1997 and revived his roles for San Diego Comic-Con. Other networks reeled Mitchell in for roles and earned him daytime Emmy nominations. Schneider snagged him for a short cameo on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat in 2013, but now he is bringing Mitchell back for real.

Schneider told Variety, “A couple of years ago I was writing an episode of Sam & Cat. There was a guest star role for an eccentric rap artist and business mogul, named Peezy B. Kel played the role and he was brilliantly funny. Then, a year or so later, when I was creating my new show, Game Shakers, there was a similar role for a regular character named Double G. I asked Kel if he’d be into the idea of doing a weekly television series, playing this crazy, fun, big character. And now, it’s happening.”

The new show is sure to trigger the ultimate nostalgia for longtime fans.

“When Kel is doing scenes on our new show, we all laugh so hard on set, just like we did 20 years ago,” Schneider said. “It feels new, but also very familiar. Sometimes I have to think to myself, ‘Wait, is this 1995 or 2015?’”

Photo Credit: Getty Images