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Cooking With Kelis: 5 Recipes That Will Spice Up Your Summer Cookout

Everything truly is better smothered dipped or poured!
I love sauce, I always have. I’m the girl at the restaurant asking the waiter what other sauces they have hidden in the back there. I had never put much thought into it though until I went to culinary school about five years ago. When I really began to think about it, everything started to make sense. I love fashion but my favorite part has always been the accessories: the shoes, the bags, the scarves and the jewels. Its the extras that really define who we are.
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Sauce is the perfect accessory. When you put on the perfect black dress it’s the shoes and jewelry that give you character. Sauce gives the character to every dish. It tells you where it’s from and sometimes the culture and history, too. I realized I was excited and passionate about those things, and I wanted to share the flavors I’d tasted around the world, as well as moments from my past. I put them in a bottle and that’s when I started Bounty & Full. Here are a few simple and delicious recipes using my Bounty & Full sauces to help define your summer cook out! It’s a lifestyle. –As to Ashley Monaé
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