Krazy Dee Claims To Have Unreleased Eazy-E And N.W.A. Tracks

Krazy Dee, best known for his presence on N.W.A.’s first ever released 1987 project N.W.A. and the Possetook to UGS Radio to reveal what he says are former tracks from Dr. Dre, Eazy-E and other members of the group.

In total, he claims to have under 10 tracks ranging from demo versions of popular singles to songs with rock music additions. The southeast L.A. native mentions an early up-tempo party track from one of the group’s fallen members Eazy-E that didn’t quite make the cut.

“You couldn’t understand it,” he says. “It was weird, but it was a cool song. For them, it just wasn’t cool enough, and I had to agree with them.”

Krazy Dee continued on to say that at the time, the group was solely focused on EPs, instead of singles. Among the songs in his possession from the group’s early days are “Gangsta, Gangsta,” which he says was originally titled “Around the Way.” According to the Latino emcee, he also said that Eazy-E was slated for the track, not Ice Cube. For unknown reasons, however, Cube took over and renamed the track.

“I have the demo version of “If It Ain’t Ruff,” which I think sounds doper than the actual version that they wound up using,” he says. Krazy Dee served up vocals on N.W.A’s Dopeman single and is one of the first writer’s on the group’s debut single, “Panic Zone.” He also toured with the Compton gang and was featured on the artwork of N.W.A.’s first album.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images