Lauren Declasse Debuts Second Single “Gummy”

Emerging Brooklyn native Lauren DeClasse portrays a bittersweet love affair with his new single, “Gummy,” the second track to hit airwaves from his forthcoming studio project Paramour Club. It follows shortly behind his debut single and self-directed visual project, “Martha’s Vineyard.

In the slowed down tune, DeClasse reminisces on the days where his ex-lover used to “run to him,” as he paints the vivid narrative of a southern love affair gone sour. He explains the dynamics of a successful relationship with loyalty and admiration, but its potential to still crack under the pressure. The Taylor King-produced track encompasses the jumping baseline and all of the instrumentals needed for a radio-ready hit.

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The young MC’s affinity for the love thing is an obvious staple of his style, as we predict to hear more seductive jams from DeClasse’s debut album. In the meantime, check out “Gummy” right here.