Lil Scrappy On Caitlyn Jenner: ‘If A Black Man Was To Do That, You’re Ruined’


Lil Scrappy had a few choice words about Caitlyn Jenner who took the entire nation by storm last month.

Though her transition amassed adoration from all corners of entertainment, such as the hip-hop community, Scrap saw a few racial undertones with Caitlyn’s friendly welcome. Implicating the black community’s low LGBTQ tolerance, the Love and Hip Hop member took to Truth TV to assert that her acceptance would not have been as positive had she been black.

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“The reason I say it’s racist is because if a black man were to do that, come on man, ain’t no money, B****. You ruined,” Scrap commented. “We say that s***, n**** we’d get assassinated — by us. Black folk don’t play that s***.”

Scrap went on to reference the former Bruce Jenner’s 1976 Wheaties box feature in saying that a man everyone looks up to making such a drastic transition makes him feel women are dominating. Because stories of transgender people are becoming more prevalent as of late, Scrap feels women are stronger than men. Even to the point that men are transitioning to womanhood.

He expressed his black man pride and advised others to use their man parts “wisely.” A disclaimer followed up after he interrupted the interviewer to continue his commentary, emphasizing that he did not have an issue with gay people — except for when they’re hiding it.

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