Lil Wayne Speaks Candidly About Birdman, Juvenile’s Influence And More

Lil Wayne really showed his hometown radio station, Q93 in New Orleans, a lot of love last night (July 7). During an exclusive interview, Weezy opened up to his longtime friend, Wild Wayne. The influential Nawlins DJ was one of the first major media players in the South to support Wayne’s music in the ’90s.

Coming off the heels of his Free Weezy Album, the former Cash Money signee didn’t go off bashing his former mentor, but also didn’t make it seem like he was running to mend things with Birdman either. However, we should expect a Hot Boyz performance at the upcoming 2015 Weezyana Festival.

When it comes to the rave reviews about his latest solo project, Wayne admitted he still takes a very nonchalant approach to his songs and lets the music come out naturally. “Honestly, I do it with my eyes closed. I got a phone in one hand and a skateboard in the other,” Weezy says about recording his new material.

He also thanked his childhood friends, the older guys from Hollygrove (his old neighborhood), who schooled him as a child and Juvenile for keeping him lyrically sharp during those early days. “It wouldn’t relate to Stunna, the way it would relate to Juvy,” Wayne says. “[Juvenile] pulled me to the side like, ‘Hey, don’t you change one word in that verse.’ He let me know that ‘you the best out of all three of us. You are going to be the best one day. You are the best.'”

Tunechi also had this to say about Birdman’s influence on his life. “I always idolized Baby from day one. I always thought he was more than what he is,” Weezy goes on to say. “With that said, I never really cared about impressing the listeners. It was always about impressing him — making sure Baby, Slim, and Mannie Fresh were satisfied with the verse.”

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Only one question remains: will they ever reunite?