5 Reminders That Meek Mill Is A Beast At Battle Rapping


Meek Mill has been lacing Philly streets with bars since he was a cornrowed battle rapper. Before he became MMG’s resident Dreamchaser and Nicki Minaj’s plus-one, Rahmeek Williams was tackling lyrical opponents in front of a camcorder, World Star-style.

While Twitter has undoubtedly flooded his mentions after withholding a diss track to Drake (who’s already unleashed two records against Meek like “Charged Up” and “Back To Back“), there’s still hope that the screamy spitter can deliver.

VIBE dusted off some of Meek Mill’s old battle raps (Meek at 13 is still just as braggadocious) as a reminder that The (Other) Boy can bring that heat when provoked.

Meek Mill heats up the block with this freestyle at 13 years old

“Let them all know that I’m back around/ I’m taxing now/ Meek Mill clapping now/ N***as think it’s sweet ’till…/ Let off I blow a motherf***er’s face off”

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