Wanna Know Who Peed On Drake? Getting To The Bottom Of Meek Mill’s Claim

On Thursday night (July 30), Meek Mill finally released his delayed response to Drake’s onslaught of diss records with “Wanna Know.” Towards the end of the Undertaker-sampled track, Meek mic-dropped this line, “You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater, we ain’t forget.”

*Tire Screech*

According to Bossip, this is old news. The alleged urination took place in 2010 at the Hollywood premiere for the film Takers, starring T.I. and Chris Brown. One of Tip’s close friends, Cap, was out on parole from a life sentence and was reportedly “having the time of his life” at the event and got very drunk. Drake was also in attendance and was seated with T.I. & Co. He reportedly sat next to Cap.

Realizing that he couldn’t make it to the bathroom, Cap allegedly whipped it out and relieved himself near, or possibly on, Drake. Rumor has it is that the 6 God got clowned for not defending himself but addressed the situation with T.I. privately, allegedly saying, “What’s up with your man using me as a toilet? F**k is that sh*t about?”

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TMZ also reports that Drizzy allegedly ran out of the theater, screaming while Hollywoodlife.com claims that Drake and Cap got into a dispute over seating arrangements/

Esteemed hip-hop journo veteran, Julia Beverly, also offered up her version of events, which falls in line with the previous reports:

Meanwhile, comedian Lil Duval had this to say about Meek’s raps:

Despite all the wet humor, Drizzy unleashed a fury of bars with “Charged Up” and “Back To Back” in response to Meek’s ghostwriter accusations this week. The feud has garnered so much attention that food brands and OG wrestlers are weighing in, too.

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