‘Money And Violence’ Cast Addresses Rumors About Partnership With Jay Z

All it took was one Instagram post to get the Internet swirling about a potential partnership between Jay Z and the hit web series, Money And Violence.

Some real serious things are about to happen… @cstyles911 #Supportthereal #MoneyandViolence

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Creator Moise Vernau recently sat down with VIBE’s own Mikey Fresh at the Dummy Clap Film Festival to discuss whether or not the show is headed to TIDAL. Citing his Instagram post as an indicator for the need of a heightened awareness, Vernau did not divulge details of his talks with Hov, but he did discuss being more socially aware.

“Now that life is changing, now it’s like I need to be more socially responsible,” he said. “Because so many people are watching, and so many kids are watching ‘I wanna be like Rafe’ and ‘I wanna be like Miz.’ And as much I can say that I’m not your dad, or I’m not your role model, it doesn’t change the fact that I am. Now I have to keep that in mind for everything that I post.”

In a statement released to Complex, the show’s crew clarified that there was no immediate partnership in the works just yet:

“Both Jay Z and Meek Mill have been huge supporters of Money & Violence and our Seed & Spark Campaign to remain independent. Meek brought the cast out at Hot 97’s Summer Jam and Roc Nation appreciated the authenticity in our art very early on. We haven’t signed any deals at present, we are focused on the last leg of our crowd funding campaign moneyandviolence.nyc. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Jay, Meek and the Roc Nation and Dream Chaser families. Congrats to Meek on having the No. 1 album in the country. #moneyandviolence​”