Drug Kingpin ‘Narcos’ Trailer Arrives In A Timely Fashion

The recent escape of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán via a carefully-constructed tunnel sparked celebration both among American and Latin American drug-cartel enthusiasts. What followed was Netflix’s suddenly and timely trailer to the original series that chronicles the life of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar (see Nas’ several references), who in the 80s, scored racks on racks on racks leading a cocaine enterprise.

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The official trailer for Narcos, narrated by Hatfields & McCoys alum Boyd Holbrook, prefaces the tale of Escobar’s reign and the DEA’s numerous attempts to capture him.

Escobar’s story is hardly unique, considering he’s long ago joined the ranks of Griselda Blanco and Frank Lucas, to name a few. But this is perfect timing for another dope (no pun intended), binge-able experience from Netflix, bound to make waves with a cast that includes Game Of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal, imminent Bond Girl Stephanie Sigman, and the iconic Boricua Luis Guzman.

Tune in August 28, when all 10 episodes bum-rush the set.

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