Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Engage In A Twitter Feud Over VMA Nominations

Nicki Minaj has been quite vocal about “Anaconda” not being nominated for MTV’s Video of The Year, despite having received nominations in the Best Female and Best hip-hop video category.

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In a series of Tweets Tuesday (July 21) that led to Anaconda becoming a trending topic, the Head Barb in Charge let it be known her bootylicious video, which racked up a whopping 19.8 million views in 24 hours, was more than worthy of the prestigious award.

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Music’s darling Ms. 1989 herself Taylor Swift, got wind of Nicki’s Tweets and chimed in. 

Nicki, who didn’t mention Swift by name, seemed perplexed as to why the 25-year-old felt the need to comment.

Wanting to avoid any bad blood, the “Bad Blood” singer (see what we did there?) ended things peacefully.  

Also offering an opinion was J.Cole’s right hand man, Ibrahim Hamad. Ib, took to Twitter to offer some perspective to artists who similarly to Nicki, may have felt snubbed by any major award ceremony.