OG Maco Rants On Bad Influence Of Today’s Music: “I Manipulated Over 40 Million Minds And Counting”

In 140-character battleground news, OG Maco is the latest to tackle some controversy. In a 14-tweet series, he accuses Future of destroying lives through his music and labels some fans as “idiots.”

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The “U Guessed It” rapper brought along a slew of accusations against not only his fellow ATL-native and industry mate Future, but the fan’s consumption of negative music influence as well. He said that Future had “destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict.” The autotune-frequenter’s song in question is “56 Nights,” where Future raps about throwing down an overgenerous amount of Xanax pills. Maco then continued on to say that he was no saint either.

“I manipulated over 40 million minds and counting based on the exact same principles that I’m preaching,” he wrote. “Who’s more qualified to say this?”

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In response to another Twitter user who criticized Maco’s career-debuting “U Guessed It” single, he threw the stick to fans as well for willfully consuming mindless entertainment and music. According to him, he only blew up from the Vine-famous track because “people are idiots.” He added that he purposely made the song with the knowledge that it would blow up from the heavy bass and catchy hook.

Do you agree with his sentiments?

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