“Why Her?” The 9 Best Lines From Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Power’

Holly, Angela and Tasha maybe different women, but all three will go to great–sometimes misguided, but always necessary–lengths to protect the men they love.

In episode 206 of Power titled “Why Her?” viewers continue to see the consequences of Ghost’s actions swirl out of control. Ghost must try and keep an eye on Angela as her investigation closes in on Tommy, all the while trying to successfully push double the contraband for Lobos before he arrives for his payment.

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And while Tasha and Angela are different sides to the same coin, both women are coming to terms with Ghost’s deceit. Tasha is still reeling from her husband’s affair, while Angela struggles to accept the fact that Ghost and Jamie are the same person. Emotionally paralyzed and unsure if the man she loves is a good guy trapped in an ugly world, Angela gives Holly a chance to provide substantial evidence that proves Jamie is Lobos’ distributor. Holly then tries to move heaven and earth to get the Feds off her back only to have her efforts backfire.

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There’s nothing a woman won’t do to protect the man she loves. Check out the 9 best quotes from the latest episode of Power.

1) “What would those a**holes at your job think if they knew you were f***ing a drug dealer?”Holly

Knowing she has the upper hand, Holly threatens Angela by exposing her relationship with Ghost. Angela let’s her have her fun for a while, but not before demanding Holly provide actual proof Jamie St. Patrick is Ghost.

2) “Boys need their fathers. Maybe your husband can talk with him… if he’s available.” — Mrs. Chambers

Tariq is misbehaving in school now that Ghost is no longer living at home. Tasha is called to the principal’s office where Mrs. Chambers begins to pry into Tasha’s home life. As she demonstrates shallow interest, Tasha quickly puts her in her place “I didn’t realize my donation paid for all this concern.”

3) “We ain’t making rockets, Riff. We’re slinging dope. Junkies want their fix regardless.” — Ghost

Ghost calls a meeting with all the local distributors to introduce everyone to the Serbs and their respective territories. Ghost knows Lobos will be expecting his payment soon and applies pressure to ensure the product gets sold, Lobos gets his money and he keeps his head.

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4) You want to know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy so you can decide if you should keep f***ing him. Let’s be real. — Holly

While Holly struggles with producing the evidence to prove Tommy isn’t Ghost, she stalls by trying to get in Angela’s head. Angela is aware of her tactics, but still can’t deny that what she’s saying is true.

5) “I know things are complicated, but I just want you to know that I’m here for you, you and the kids.”– Shawn

With Ghost out of the house, Shawn has front row access to Tasha, and is using this as a chance to get close to her in her time of need. Shawn maybe naive and young, but he’s fully aware that if he’s going to take his shot, now is the time.

6) “Yeah I heard you. You said you’re not staying.” – Tariq

Ghost realizes the separation between he and Tasha is having a negative effect on Tariq. Ghost picks his kids up from school and sternly tells Tariq their home life is no excuse to start fights. Unfazed by what his father said, Tariq only hears that he’s not staying or coming home.

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7) I just want you to know if you need anything, The Soldado Nation has your back. Not Kanon, you!”– Ruiz
Ruiz senses tension between Ghost and Kanon and is using that tension to his advantage. Ruiz gets word Dre saved one of his guy’s life and pledges his loyalty to him but makes it clear that loyalty does not extend to Kanon.
8) Maybe we should take a break until this whole Tommy thing blows over.” – Angela
While Angela still holds out hope Jamie and Ghost aren’t the same person, she can’t help but be suspicious of her lover. After canceling their plans two days in a row, Ghost flat out asks if everything is okay. In hopes to clear her head and devise a plan to protect Jamie, she asks they take a break, just for a little while.

9) You keep f***ing that bitch until I tell you stop.” — Tasha

Tasha is livid when she learns her husband’s mistress is not only a flame from high school but a U.S. attorney. Scared Angela may come after Tommy, Ghost and her, Tasha advises Ghost to keep seeing her because she knows a woman in love will do what’s necessary to protect her man, even if her man is on the wrong side of the law.

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