“You’re Not The Man”: The 9 Best Lines From Last Night’s ‘Power’

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Tommy manages to escape from the handcuffs Holly placed him in, only to fall into a coke-induced paranoia. In episode seven of Power titled “You’re Not The Man,”  Tommy – now with full knowledge that Angela is zeroing in – makes a rash decision that saves their drug business from the Feds and Lobos.

While Ghost must try and out smart Angela, he learns of Stern’s shady business tactics that are preventing him from buying back his Truth nightclub, and does so by gaining help from an unlikely source. Angela, now convinced Jamie is Ghost, is willing to do whatever it takes to catch Felipe Lobos, even if it means putting Jamie’s life at risk.

Things begin to fall a part for Ghost as he realizes his web of lies, which once kept everyone else in control is beginning to suffocate him.

1) “If you hittin’ it right, we may have a shot at staying out of jail.” – Tasha
After Ghost confessed to Tasha that Angela works for the Feds, it was Tasha who advised Ghost to continue seeing her, hoping love would keep Ghost, Tommy and herself out of jail. And although the strategy is a smart one, it doesn’t mean Tasha is happy about it.

2) “I can also see you not from here no more.” – Dre
Kanon (or “Special K”) has been M.I.A., and Ghost uses his absence as an opportunity to pick up his cut from Dre personally, and to also get a feel for K’s young protege. While Dre is weary of Ghost and his expensive suits, he admires his ambition and begins to wonder if there’s more to life than just the corner he knows.

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3) “You’re gonna arrest us for having dirty draws, or can we go?” – Tommy
Now that Tommy knows the Feds are watching, he’s rounded up Julio and the boys to move the money from the wash-n-fold to a safer location. While in transit, Tommy and company get pulled over by  cops who knew to look in the green laundry bags, only to find dirty clothes and not dirty money.

4) “He’s really busy, so I thought I’d ask the boss.” – Dominique
Ghost isn’t giving up on buying his club back and will use whatever tactic needed to do so. Sensing Kantos has a thing for one of the waitresses, Dominique, Ghost sends her to distract Kantos while he searches Kantos’ desk. Alone in the office he learns of a separate holding company Stern may be using to hide assets, including Truth’s revenue.

5)  “If you instigate the divorce, you leave with nothing.” – Divorce lawyer
Tasha may be working with Ghost to keep Angela happy and to stay out of jail, but that doesn’t mean she wants to stay married to a man who cheated on her. Tasha visits a divorce a lawyer who reminds her because of the prenup she signed if she decides to leave Ghost, she leaves empty handed.

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6) “I don’t need you to be my man, okay? I’m going to have to be my own man from now on.” – Tasha
Shawn is fully prepared to be with Tasha, and while Tasha sees how genuine Shawn is, she also understands the only person who can take care of Tasha is Tasha.

7) “As soon as this sh*t is over, this bitch is catching a bullet, from my gun, not yours.” – Tasha
Moments before Tommy does something he won’t be able take back, Tasha quickly talks some sense into him, preventing a firestorm of problems no one is prepared to handle. The two later go out for drinks and although Tasha isn’t a fan of the woman sleeping with her husband, she vows Angela will get her just due. It just won’t happen now.

8) “The news you’ve been waiting for just walked through the door. Buy yourself a bus ticket because you need to get back in town ASAP.” – Dre
While Ghost and Tommy try to evade Angela’s capture, Kanon has kept a low profile and quietly slipped out of town. At the demand of Ghost, Shawn visits Dre and inquires about his father’s whereabouts. Dre keeps quiet but not before Shawn tells him Lobos is coming.

9) “Should I send the text now?”– Angela
Angela is convinced her dearest Jamie is Ghost and while she loves him, she’s more determined to catch Lobos. After a night of passionate love making, Angela slips out of bed and heads to the bathroom where she reads off the ID number to Ghost’s phone to a technician who has now bugged it. If keeping tabs on Ghost is what needs to be done to catch Lobos, then that’s what Angela will do.


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