Premiere: Major Myjah “Heartless”

Sometimes music grabs a hold of an artist’s soul so tight that there’s nothing in the world that can stop his or her drive to create songs. This is exactly how it is for Miami-bred singer, Major Myjah.

“I didn’t find music,” Major Myjah explains. “Music found me. There’s definitely a Caribbean swag to the way I write,” says Major about his number one passion in life. “I’ve been around that my whole, from the beginning.”

The 18-year old also cites The Beatles as a major influence on his songwriting and singing. With a strong musical lineage in his blood, Major hopes to make 2015 his year. Today, (July 24), the crooner flows all over the piano-driven title track to his upcoming project, Heartless. On the record, Myjah asks to be taken back by a girl he hasn’t been the best to but some serious conviction.

Look out for his Warner Bros debut to hit retailers on 8/28.