Premiere: Take A Trip Through Siaira Shawn’s Stunning ‘Camellia’ Video

Siaira Shawn is a leader of the new cool. Citing influences like music legend Donny Hathaway and revolutionist Audre Lorde, the San Francisco-bred songstress delivers art that not only sounds pleasant to the ears, but sparks your mental.

For her latest feat, she released Flowers While You’re Here, a three-part EP that begins with Vol. 1 titled Camellia and employs a smooth blend of soft, sultry vocals, arresting melodies and poetic lyrics (see: “Know How” and “Nobody”). “The inspiration for the video came from the want to incorporate flowers in every aspect of the presentation of Flowers While You’re Here,” she tells VIBE. “Each flower—Camellia, Iris, and Lily—represents a different season and the different feel each EP will have.”

The meaning behind FWYH also speaks to today’s social ills, from police brutality and gun violence to Internet bullying. “I chose the concept of Flowers While You’re Here because I think, especially in these times, we need to come together and share love and truth and vulnerability before we don’t get those chances. Flowers are one of the beautiful ways we can express those things.”

Allow her talents to bloom in the Alexis Casson-directed visual above and stream her latest tracks here.

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