#RachelsMixtape: Twitter Attempts To Dub Rachel Dolezal’s Next Street Project


Black Twitter seriously is a treasure trove. When questionable phenomenon centered around race arises, it’s often the first and the fastest to turn SMH’s into laughable moments.

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Take the reemergence of Rachel Dolezal, the white former NAACP chapter president still working to convince the masses (and herself) that she is indeed a black woman. Vanity Fair’s new feature on her opened up the can of worms surrounding her race fluidity, in which the accompanying photos for the piece likened a probably mixtape cover from the hood.

Now, hypothetically, what on earth would the matching project cover be? Leave it to internet comedians to figure it out. Flip through for some of the most side-splitting suggestions for #RachelsMixtape that we spotted zipping down our timelines.