Raven Symone Thinks It Should Be All Lives Matter Not Just Black Lives Matter

By now everyone should know Raven Symone is unafraid of the wrath of Black Twitter and will say whatever she feels.

On Monday (July 20) the outspoken co-host of The View came to the defense of Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley who said “all lives matter” during a rally over the weekend while discussing police violence against African-Americans. The comment didn’t go over well resulting in boos from many in attendance. O’Malley, 52, has since apologized.

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Symone however didn’t think the Maryland governor should’ve apologized because she agrees it should be all lives matter and not just black lives matter.

“I understand what the ‘Black Lives Matter’ hashtag means. It came in conjunction with everything that was going on with the police in Ferguson. You have to be sensitive¬†in that statement, but he is right, all lives matter… I think you have to open yourself up. It should be all lives matter,” she said.”

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The Views’s newest co-host, funny woman Michelle Collins quickly disagreed with Symone, pointing out it wasn’t fair to take a movement that’s transformative for the black community and make it all inclusive.

“Why re-appropriate something that was really such a powerful thing for the Black community, something that meant so much and still means so much?” she said challenging Symone. “It’s such a positive thing. Why make that about everybody? It’s not about everybody.”

Symone didn’t back down from her stance and pushed just making it about black lives furthers the separatism in the country.

Check out the snippet below.

Raven-Symoné agrees with Martin O'Malley saying, "He is right, all lives matter." What do you think? Posted by The View on Monday, July 20, 2015