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Recap: #CRWN Brings Out Different Sides Of Meek Mill

Two days after the release for Meek Mill’s Dreams Worth More Than Money, the lanky MMG spitter touched down in New York City as the next guest for Elliott Wilson’s CRWN. The rapper born Robert Rahmeek Williams blessed the Gramercy Theater stage on Thursday night (July 2) with his clean white hoodie, red pants, and signature Dreamchasers chain to match his confident swagger.

Even the grilling from the self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. of hip-hop journalism couldn’t shake the genre’s hungriest rap star right now. After his jail stint, Meek Milly put in O.T. and clocked in with one of the best albums of 2015 (DWMTM sold 216,173 copies in its first week of release). But while enjoying the fame and glory, Meek has put his humanity front and center.

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Throughout the evening, Mill addressed pressing matters such as his new LP, his wildin’ out period pre-jail, his twitter beef with Wale and (of course), his relationship with longtime-dream girl-turned-bae, Nicki Minaj. And despite what some may think, he still loves to battle rap.

Let Meek tell it below.—Mark Braboy (@DRD_Poetry17) & Diamond Hillyer

1. He has a very tight circle that keeps him grounded and motivated. Despite his new found fame and riches, the streets and his neighborhood is still in his heart. “In Hollywood don’t nobody love you. They’re there to make money off of you,” he says.

2. The fact that his busy lifestyle keeps him away from his son bothers him and he deeply regrets it, despite him working to build a better life for him. At some point, he may take a break from rap in order to spend much more time with his kid.

3. Meek’s not used to dishing out bread. “People will ask for money, but won’t ask if you’re okay,” he says. “I came up with no money, so I’m not used to people asking me every day for money.”

4. His bikes are his babies. To him, riding out is a stress reliever and the inspiration behind his new mobile game, Bike Life.

5. Mill proves that chivalry ain’t dead. He believes in not having a woman pay for anything, no matter how much money she has.

6. Fabolous is one of the artists he respects because of his consistency and longevity. ”Fab still in the category that I look up to; he a fly dude, he a spitta and he can’t go out of style,” Meek says. “He always was one of the top spittas in the game that don’t wash away.”

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