Gold Cup 2015: Dempsey Shines In USA Bout Against Honduras


On Tuesday night (July 7), the United States defended its CONCACAF Gold Cup title with a 2-1 victory over Honduras. It was a close game, but thanks to Clint Dempsey’s two header goals, USA was able to bring home the win.

Reigning champ Dempsey did not go out without a fight. His bout was so physical that 47 minutes into the match, the fútbol star took a harsh fall, scraping the field at the hands of the opposition.

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Dempsey made his first goal just 25 minutes in, while scoring the second at around the 63:67 mark (below). Carlos Discua, #7 from Honduras, netted one goal during the middle of the second half. Also worth noting is a potential third goal from the U.S. at the 77:33 mark, which ultimately was not counted. Still, the USA remained on top, despite Honduras’ 11 shots compared to ‘Murica’s five.

Two players were issued yellow cards for misconduct: USA’s John Brooks (player #6) and Johnny Palacios from Honduras. Let’s see if the United States can keep its winning streak this Friday (July 10), when #TeamUSA goes toe-to-toe with Haiti in Boston.

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