Rihanna Stalker Makes Gun Threats, Takes Selfie Outside Her Home

Another Rihanna stalker just won’t let up.

A man who goes by the names Alex Mercer and Ralph Alexander on Twitter and Yahoo is under investigation by the LAPD. Authorities are tracing his phone, computer and social media records after he took a photo outside of Rihanna’s former home, making threats back in April. By the time police made it to the scene, the stalker was not present.

“Should of killed @rihanna a minute back I would be good right now. Sorcery is a weapon I use guns, bout to get a gun license, can’t use my hands,” he wrote, according to TMZ.

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Last summer, RiRi had an NYC stalker on her hands. A 53-year-old homeless man, Kevin Mcglynn, was arrested after sending the singer a string of letters, calling her derogatory terms and threatening to force his way into her apartment. Rihanna was reportedly in “fear of her physical safety,” according to her lawyers.

Sounds like Rihanna may have to beef up her security, or go all “BBHMM” on a few folks. Whichever works best.

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