Here’s The Full Autopsy Report For Sandra Bland’s Alleged Suicide

Family members and supporters of Sandra Bland, a young woman from Chicago who died in jail after being aggressively arrested in Texas, are only left with more questions after the release of her autopsy report. Yesterday (July 24), Texas prosecutors officially ruled that the cause of death was suicide by hanging. They allege that Bland used a garbage bag in her cell to hang herself.

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The full report of the autopsy—performed by Sara N. Doyle on July 22 at the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences—has surfaced, describing in detail all injuries sustained during the arrest and evidence of the reported hanging. “When first viewed, a ligature furrow is around the neck. Anteriorly, it is oblique, and is located at the level of the superior thyroid cartilage to the right of the midline, and above the thyroid cartilage to the left of midline,” it reads.

Sandra Bland Autopsy

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Between people on the ground at Waller County Jail to celebs like Kim Kardashian to #BlackLivesMatter tweeters, doubters are in abundance, calling bullsh*t on the autopsy’s findings. Be your own judge and read the report in its entirety here.