Texas Prosecutors Rule Sandra Bland’s Death A Suicide By Hanging

To the dismay of many keeping tabs on the recent police-related death, Sandra Bland’s passing has been declared a suicide by officials.

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In a press conference this afternoon, Waller County prosecutor Warren Diepraam stated that the injuries sustained by Bland were not consistent with those of a violent homicide, but were “uniform and consistent” with those of a suicide by hanging. Diepraam stated that autopsy revealed no defensive injuries on Bland’s hands, only abrasions on her wrist that were related to the physical struggle she had with the police officer who arrested her.

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Sandra Bland’s case gained national attention as released footage revealed an altercation between Bland and a Waller County police officer. Bland was pulled over in a routine traffic stop on July 10 after failing to signal a lane change. Three days later, the 28-year-old was said to be found hanging in her jail cell.

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Bland’s funeral will be held Saturday, July 25.