Prosecutors Release Video To Refute Claims That Sandra Bland Was Dead In Her Mugshot Photo

Texas officials have released new footage from Sandra Bland’s booking process on Tuesday (July 28), after social media theories suggested that she was already deceased at the time her mugshot was taken. Waller County judge Judge Trey Duhon claimed that following the questioning of her status in the police photo, the department has received death threats. The video was made public in an effort to dispel said rumors.

“Because of some of the things that’s gone out on social media, this county has been literally attacked,” he said in a press conference, the Chicago Tribune reports.

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Sections of the new footage show Bland being transported from the patrol car to the jail, where she is questioned while she appears to be crying. She is then shown in an orange prison jumpsuit, where her mugshot photo appears to be taken, and she also places a phone call. The press conference was held just days after her funeral, which took place in Chicago on Sunday (July 26).

Bland was arrested after a traffic stop on July 10 and reportedly found hanging in her jail cell on July 13. The news garnered national attention after footage of the arrest was released, revealing the aggressive takedown of the 28-year-old. Naysayers have since been wary of details surrounding the case, as many have speculated whether or not officers played a part in her death, which was ultimately ruled a suicide.

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Watch more video from Sandra Bland’s booking below: