Twitter Was Not Here For This Serena Williams Body Image Article By ‘The New York Times’


Black women’s image in the media has long been a hotly debated subject- especially over social media war territory.

This time, The New York Times is finding themselves under the gun for an article on pro-tennis player and world-renowned No. 1 single women’s tennis star Serena Williams. In the article, posted on Friday (July 10), Williams’ body is described with “large biceps and a mold-breaking muscular frame.” Sprinkled with other facts and figures on her fellow women’s tennis players, the story adds that “her rivals could try to emulate her physique, but most of them choose not to.”

It definitely didn’t help to follow up with quotes from tiny-framed white women who scrutinized their own physique, poking at insecurities about getting “too big” and feeling “unfeminine” for big arms and muscular builds. This was just before yesterday’s (July 11) classy clapback from author JK Rowling after a Twitter user described Williams’ body as being “built like a man”:

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The Wimbledon title reigning champion takes on a much more self-accepting approach when speaking about her beautifully-toned structure, however. “I’m really happy with my body type, and I’m really proud of it,” Williams said. “Obviously it works out for me.”

Unfortunately, the NYT article didn’t work for Twitter users:

Check out the article in full here. Do you think they took it too far?