Sheppish White Men Start Planking Over Their Privilege

It seems like now planking is synonymous for anti-Confederate flag protesting for white men, at least.

Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes recently released a video for his #TakeUsDown campaign, which is designed to make fun of, shame and oppress all white men because of their inherent privilege; in conjunction with the removal of the Confederate flag.

“We need to do more than just take down a flag,” McInnes said in the video. “We need to stand up and recognize the inherent privilege that comes from being white. Please join me by posting pics of yourself taken down.”

Gavin was quite successful on getting his fellow white counterparts to become a part of his campaign. Therefore, it was no surprise the internet went ablaze. Peep below all of those who sprinted across Twitter timelines with their bare behinds out all for the cause, and check out McInnes’ video above.

Despite McInnes good intentions, it’s blatant how some have taken this more as a joke than a serious issue. Do you think they are really conscious of their privilege or not?