Bystanders Capture Video Of Shy Glizzy’s Maryland Arrest

D.C.-bred mixtape sensation Shy Glizzy broke a few Maryland headlines on Tuesday (July 28) when he was arrested in Maryland on four charges.

USA Today reported disorderly conduct, failure to obey lawful order, obstructing a police officer, rioting and resisting arrest as his laundry list of charges, according to court documents. Montgomery County Police claimed to have seen the 22-year-old MC engaging in a hand-to-hand drug transaction in front of a 7-Eleven.

However, when authorities approached the scene to investigate, no drugs turned up. Officers also claimed that as they spoke with the driver of a car parked nearby, Glizzy walked up and began yelling profanities at them and that when they went to arrest him, he resisted.

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Per usual with police interactions these days, bystanders caught the arrest on camera, showing a very agitated Shy sprawled across the hood of a police car as officers cuff him from behind. Several other witnesses posted footage to Twitter and Instagram, showing additional footage of an officer roughly shoving Young Jefe into the backseat of a police car.

In the video, the provocation of the witnesses is evident as they shouted at the officers questioning why they were handling Shy so aggressively. Thankfully, we likely won’t see any #FreeGlizzy tees, as the rapper has since posted bail, according to his manager and several other sources.

See what else the witnesses caught on camera from the arrest below.


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