Spelman College Terminates Its Bill Cosby Endowed Professorship


Spelman College is the latest establishment to cut ties with Bill Cosby.

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Since a string of sexual-assault lawsuits have surfaced concerning the 78-year-old actor/activist, the HBCU ended Cosby’s endowed professorship on Friday (July 24). Stemming back to 1988, Cosby and his wife, Camille, have donated $20 million to the fund in an effort to “bring positive attention and scholars to the campus,” The Associated Press reports.

The reason for the professorship’s termination also stems from the surface of court documents highlighting Cosby’s admittance of drugging women with quaaludes with the intent of having sex with them. Cosby has yet to speak out on the matter or face charges in court.

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Since then, celebrities who’ve supported Cosby later retracted their statements once those aforementioned documents were made public. Stacey Dash, who initially didn’t believe the reports, wrote a blog post after hearing the news. She compared Cosby to her Uncle Freddy who she also looked up to, but had a troubled past.

“I think of Bill Cosby now and I think of Uncle Freddy: two men who affected my life in a positive way, but who left wreckage behind them. The evil, terrible, unspeakable acts they did cannot be ignored,” she said. “I’m not sure why we want to elevate certain people and believe they are better than they are. I guess for the same reason we hope we’re better than we are.”