Stacey Dash Retracts Bill Cosby Support: “The Evil, Terrible, Unspeakable Acts Cannot Be Ignored”


Though Stacey Dash often draws much disappointment and disdain with her highly questionable political stances, a recent letter she penned on Bill Cosby’s rape allegations titled I Was Wrong restores a little hope.

In the essay released on Patheos, the Clueless actress expressed regret over shooting to Bill Cosby’s defense when the allegations surfaced, in which she insinuated the claims couldn’t possibly be true because “they were alone plenty of times and he was a perfect gentleman to her”:

Now, she admits that she has come to the light and understands that his actions can’t be ignored, regardless of what she and others believes he represents. She circled her admiration for Cosby back to her own personal reality with a beloved Uncle Ferdinand, who she later learned was a pimp. She remembered her childhood days where she encountered beautiful women around her uncle, and the devastation she experienced after his arrest.

“I think of Bill Cosby now and I think of Uncle Freddy: two men who affected my life in a positive way, but who left wreckage behind them,” Dash wrote in the short essay. “The evil, terrible, unspeakable acts they did cannot be ignored. I’m not sure why we want to elevate certain people and believe they are better than they are.  I guess for the same reason we hope we’re better than we are.”

Read her new sentiments on Cosby’s controversy in full here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images