Talib Kweli To Stephen A. Smith’s Black Lives Matter Controversy: “No Man, Don’t Do This”


Leave it up to ESPN’s chattiest sports analyst to add more controversy to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Referencing the dull and trivial “black on black crime” argument, Smith tweeted his sentiments to the Black Lives Matter supporters after democratic presidential hopeful Martin O’ Malley was harshly criticized for his take on the movement. In a brief series of tweets, the Brooklyn-bred radio and television personality expressed his discontent for Malley being booed off the stage after his insensitive commentary during the political Maryland conference:

Smith’s comments were just absurd enough to spark reactions from some of hip-hop’s most political spokespeople. Taleb Kweli and Killer Mike were on the roster, and couldn’t let Smith’s commentary slide by without checking him with the facts:

Completely disregarding Talib’s point that his statements undermined the Black Lives Matter movement, Smith issued a clarification of sorts. He mentioned that he was not devaluing the #BlackLivesMatter statement, but that he wanted its presence more prevalent when discussing the issue of blacks murdering each other:

“The issue is: as much as attention was so desperately aimed towards “Black Lives Matter,” Smith wrote. “Where is all this noise when Black folks are getting killed in our communities every single day? Does it only matter when we’re getting killed OUTSIDE OF OUR COMMUNITY, by folks who look differently than us?”

Smith went on to post a vocalized version of his sentiments to Soundcloud. Check it out here.