EXCLUSIVE: Watch Tasha And Shawn Get Cozy In Tonight’s Episode Of “Power”

As the love and loyalty continue to erode in Ghost and Tasha’s marriage, Mrs. St. Patrick seeks refuge with Shawn, the only one she feels she can trust.

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In tonight’s episode of Power titled “Why Her?” Tasha and Shawn get cozy at the gun range. As Tasha instructs Shawn on how to properly hold the gun, aim and shoot, the two share intimate glances and flirtatious giggles while she gently caresses Shawn to provide reassurance.

Fed up with Ghost’s lies and deceit, Tasha made it clear to him there would be no reconciling and even accused Tommy of disloyalty. As feeling of betrayal from those she valued most begin to take root, Tasha takes matters–and Shawn–into her own hands, Keisha be damned!

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This is what happens when a woman’s fed up. Watch the sneak peek below.