TIDAL Offers New Family Plan For Discounted Prices

TIDAL is close on Apple Music’s heels this week with its introduction to a new family plan that will chop up to 50 percent off when subscribers add four additional users on the account.

According to Billboard, a family of five would throw out $30 per month for the service versus the $10 for a single user. The first user pays $10, and each addition to the account would pay $5. The discount is available for those interested in TIDAL’s HD audio service as well.

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After Apple’s low-cost family plan discounting, TIDAL isn’t letting up on the fierce competition. The streaming service still has one up on the star-studded Tidal deal, offering a $14.99 deal for up to six users on one account. Just last month, however, TIDAL announced that it would be integrating some new changes, such as a partnership with Ticketmaster that would grant subscribers special access to concert tickets, student pricing and a desktop app.

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Lingering in the midst of the music streaming battle is Spotify, Pandora and Rdio, which also offer unique discount prices. However, with the future upgrades to come for Apple Music and Tidal, the competition will continue to stiffen for all music streamers.

May the best tune win.

Photo Credit: Getty Images