Tink Keeps It Real, Classy And Bold In Her ‘Million’ Video

Tink has officially kicked through the music industry doors. Timbaland’s new protégé hit the world with a vibrant video for her Aaliyah-sampled single, “Million.”

In the Benny Boom-directed visual, the Chicagoan showcases her versatility as an artist, making it evident that she is capability of being a strong, triple threat as a solid singer, rapper and dancer.

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Shortly after its world premiere in the center of New York City’s Times Square, VIBE had a chance to ask her about her decision to implement choreography as well as her inspiration. As it turns out, the young artist is no stranger to the dance floor.

“I grew up dancing. I used to dance a lot in the junior high and would perform in talent shows. It was always something I could do.” replied Tink. “I decided to do a video. I wanted there to be a floor that lights up. I just wanted to be creative with the dance floor.”

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“But I had fun with it,” adds the Chicago native. “Tanisha Scott choreographed it. She asked me to just freestyle dance and then from there she made the steps. It ended up looking real natural.”

Watch the young starlet profess her love for that special one, as she dons tasteful, fashion-forward wardrobe and gives the world a taste of what’s to come. And you know what? We look forward to it all.