Another L: Tyga Hit With Lawsuit For Clothing Business

Another day, another L in the limelight for another YMCMB affiliate. According to TMZ, Tyga allegedly slept with his business partner Chuon Gen Lee, and stole her clothing concept that is now his insignia and clothing line brand, Last Kings (or Egypt Kings, as of late).

The lawsuit documents say that Tyga and Lee created the idea for a clothing label titled Last Kings back in January 2013, and he promised her an abundance of promotion and shelves in the California-based retail clothing chain, Tilly’s. She alleges that he didn’t follow through on any of those promises for her, but collected the cash on his own, over half a million dollars worth of collection.

It didn’t help that the “Ayo” rapper slyly changed the name to “Egypt Kings,” either, dumping his business relationship with her and picking up a new business buddy for the new line. It also didn’t stop her from suing him and his new partner for $1.6 million and damages for her claims.

The lawsuit only brings more rain to the dark cloud that seems to linger over the former Young Money signee’s head as of late. From nude leaks to poor album sales and even poorer relationships as the result of his latest album, Tyga’s rapped-about fortune isn’t looking very golden these days.

Peep the Last Kings apparel here.