Just Wait On It: Usher Says New Album Is On The Way

There have been talks of a new album from Usher, but the multi-award winning vocalist has been silent on further details until now.

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In an interview with Billboard, the ATLien gave some insight into the happenings of his highly-anticipated project, which you can read in an excerpt below:

“The album is coming. Right now it’s not the topic of discussion because of all the other things I’ve been doing. There’s Yoobi and the product launch at Target, my philanthropy through New Look, appearing on the Nina Simone tribute album [Nina Revisited, out now], coaching and mentoring up-and-coming talent on The Voice and before that playing Sugar Ray Leonard [in the 2016 movie Hands of Stone]. There are so many other things, which is what you have to be in this day and age. It just can’t be one thing; that’s simply just not who I am. I try my hardest to make sure people know every bit of my personality and every bit of what my passions are. Yoobi is one in a series of projects that are coming in the future that will be both philanthropic and creative. But the album will come when it comes.”

There’s no exact date on when fans can expect new material from the global singer, but Usher recently returned to the stage at Essence Festival alongside other artists from Kendrick Lamar to Missy Elliott during Fourth of July weekend.

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