Vixen Chat: Malaysia Pargo Opens Up About ‘BBWLA’ Season Four Drama, Divorce And Dating Again


Basketball Wives LA starlet Malaysia Pargo is the epitome of perseverance. In a short period of time, the brown skinned beauty has endured both death and divorce, all while taping the highly anticipated fourth season of the Los Angeles franchise.

“I’m not holding anything back. I’m letting you guys experience exactly what I’m experiencing as I go through it,” she told Vixen. A season complete with fresh faces, series veterans and drama, the Compton native holds her own. Amidst the usual drama, Pargo is adding business woman to her resume these days with the launch of her own luxury bedding collection with Hedgecock Creed.  Affectionately known as the series peacekeeper with the utmost poise, the self-professed “old soul,” promises fans a new side of her this go round, revealing her tougher side to the cast.

Vixen caught up with the VH1 diva as she got candid about adjusting to the dating scene, what she considers her biggest flaw and the upcoming season of Basketball Wives LA that premieres July 12th. –Angela Wilson

VIBE Vixen: What can fans expect from you this season of Basketball Wives LA?

Malaysia Pargo: My fans can definitely expect my raw emotions. I’m going through a divorce and during the time of taping I was literally still going through the process. I was going through the motions with my ex, going through the healing process of losing a brother, and still having to help out my mom and help her heal. Now, I’m just trying to figure out who I am as a single woman. I haven’t been single since I was 19-years-old and I’m 32 now. I’m making sure I’m a whole person for my kids first so they can be happy. I want to say that I’m older but still I feel every year you mature a little more and learn a bit more about yourself. You critique and change things about yourself. It’s just me going through the growing pains with myself and the cast.

Is there any drama?

Yes, it wouldn’t be Basketball Wives without drama (laughs). You know that there’s drama. When your life situation changes you learn how to communicate differently. You learn how to change your emotions with people, how to talk to them. You learn who’s for you and who’s against you. That’s a big thing right now for me, especially with the taping of the show. So there’s going to be a lot of conflict between myself and many of the girls because they really didn’t know where I was coming from. They didn’t know how to gauge me or what place to put me in because I was always one way every time they saw me–I was happy.

Watching the show you come across as such a loyal friend and viewers tweet how they want a friend like you. Have you noticed that?

Yes. I get either auntie or friend and I’m like, “Hold on girl I’m young!” (Laughs) But I get it. I have an old soul so people do think I’m older than what I am. I was raised by my granny and her down south teachings. I do get it a lot, but I don’t mind. It’s just so hard finding good friends because you have to see if they want to be your friend for the show or do they really want to be a real friend. I’m a die hard friend–if I say I’m your friend, I’m your friend. You won’t have to ever worry about me.

Do you have any regrets from past seasons?

I don’t. I live my life without regrets. I feel if I say something I meant it and I’m going to own up to it and stand by it. So, no, I don’t have any regrets at all. I did what I wanted to do at the time and that’s what it is.

How are you handling the transition into the single life?

[Being] single is hard! I thought it would be easy but it’s hard; talking to players, figuring out who’s good for you, knowing who just wants the cookies and who doesn’t. Being single isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

You’re dating their representative at first…

Yes and they play the representative really well! When I meet some guys and we talk over the phone and I see their mannerisms, I’m like, “Wait, he’s a little too advanced for me so bye.”

What advice would you give to someone who’s going through a divorce or heartbreak right now?

I would tell them to make sure they keep God first. If you keep God first it saves you from being in the line of fire. He will open your eyes to a lot of situations where the blind eye can’t see. A lot of times–not saying all guys are creeps–but many have hidden agendas. They have this thing were they’re really good at making you feel special when you’re really not, you’re just special at that moment. We women want to feel appreciated and loved and like we’re the one. In all actuality, you’re just the one for right now. Not saying I’m an expert but if you keep God first he will help you know yourself first, keep you humble, and give you a certain sense so you’re not so gullible and won’t fall for anything.

Aside from the show, you’re also an entrepreneur with your own luxury bedding collection with Hedgecock Creed. How did that come about?

My bedding line came about because as a basketball wife, we moved a lot and finding the perfect bedding set was hard to do. When I moved into my new house in LA, I couldn’t find a bedspread to save my life. I was talking to my manger and she heard what I was saying and said, “Why don’t you just do it then?” I was like, “Yeah, why don’t I?!” And that’s how it all came about. Fans can go online to Hedgecock Creed or go to the store in Buckhead, Georgia and buy from there.

Congratulations, that’s a really big deal!

Thank you! I’m so happy that my partners and I just sat down, planned it out and made my dreams come true. Everything that I wanted came into fruition.

You’re working on additional products to go with the bedding line, too.

I am. I’m going to start from the bedding line and work my way out to other things.

Your hair is always flawless. What are your top 3 must-have products?

Number one is Mizani Hair Serum. I love it, I have to have it! I have it in my bag. I bought the travel size and keep it in mu bag because it lays your hair down so nice. I like Keratin Hair Mask because I’m all about protecting my own hair first. I have a lot of hair underneath these weaves and wigs so I put a mask on my hair to keep it healthy. Mizani Shampoo and Conditioner is my favorite, too. So when the weaves and wigs go out of style, I’ll still have a little something of my own.  

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What would you consider your biggest flaw and how are you changing it?

My biggest flaw is that I am too nice. Because people know that I’m so nice and nothing really bothers me, they forget about the respect factor in the situation. So yes, nothing bothers me and I go with the flow, but you still have to be respectful in the matter you do things. For example, I don’t mind when my family wants to have a gathering at my house. They all know I don’t mind and they’ll just automatically assume its okay to do it instead of asking if I mind. That bothers me. A lot of people feel like because I don’t mind and I don’t like conflict they just go for it. I know I’m on a reality show and saying I don’t like conflict sounds crazy, but I don’t like conflict so a lot of the times I’ll try to avoid conflict by just saying whatever. If it doesn’t bother me, I’ll just go with the flow at that moment so it’ll be over soon.

People often mistake kindness for weakness…

Yes and you’ll see a lot of that on the show because some of the girls are like, “Oh, she doesn’t mind. She’s not going to say anything.”  That’s because they know me so well, but this time I’m like, “Hold on, that’s not going to happen!”

What else can fans expect from you in 2015?

You can expect more products from my bedding line, and I’m working on my acting career in movies and sitcoms.

Basketball Wives LA premieres on Sunday, July 12 at 9/8C on VH1.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@malaysiainthecity