White Florida Woman Chases Black Teens With Bat, Threatens To Hang Their Families

A white woman in Clermont, Fla. was arrested after a black teen caught footage of her chasing him and his friends with a bat on Sunday (June 8). While yelling out racial slurs, Lisa Marie Elberson, 29, also threatened to hang the boys’ families from her tree and spat on them, according to the teens’ accounts to police.

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The altercation occurred after an earlier encounter between the teen and Elberson’s husband. Passing Elberson’s house later that day, another argument ensued, and Elberson retrieved the Louisville Slugger bat. One teen, a 16-year-old, captured the ordeal on video, where Elberson can be heard, saying, “I hang your family from my tree,” according to the Orlando Sentinel. Elberson then reportedly went to her job at Gator’s Dockside restaurant, where she was apprehended.

Elberson faces aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, simple battery and child abuse charges. She is being held on a $5,000 bond. Watch video of the ordeal via Orlando’s WFTV Eyewitness News 9.

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